Climate Strike: Manifesto

published: 08 April 2019

Our future is in your hands and you are destroying it!

We pupils and students are not going to the educational institutions on 15th of April, but instead we are striking and marching!

You are not taking care of our environment, and therefore, you are not taking care of us!

In response to your negligence and greed we, the young people, are striking because regardless the time given to you, you have improved nothing!

We pupils and students are striking for our city.

The city that is being appropriated by greedy investors and unfit politicians. The city with the streets that suffocate as we spend most of our time in the traffic to commute; the city where we cannot find green areas to walk and reflect upon.

We pupils and students are striking for our country.

The country that has witnessed floods, wildfires, desertification and many more disasters that are induced by humans due to their social irresponsibility and individual material interests.

We pupils and students are striking for our environment.

We have refused to go to the educational institutions today, because we believe that the walls of these institutions cannot prevent or protect us from being exposed to contaminated air, plumbum in our bloodstream, intensified disasters and dehumanizing policy that leads our future to a dead end.

We have internalized that living in this city and country takes it to oppose the widespread idea that environment is apolitical. We do not believe that there is nothing you can do to prevent “natural disasters”. We do not believe, because there is nothing natural in building gigantic hydroelectric power plants, replacing green areas with concrete, cutting the trees, transforming landscapes, cutting the hills, contaminating the environment, exploiting the resources of the country and taking our future away from us.

We demand policy change!

We demand sustainable development!

We demand state actions to be based on objective research and consultations with non-biased specialists instead of business interests!

More specifically, we demand:

  • Tram in Tbilisi, because we are suffocating from the fumes and traffic;
  • Clearing up the pavements from the cars;
  • Termination of the construction at the hills of Mtatsminda.
  • Building a central park in the territory of former hippodrome.
  • Stopping destruction and privatisation of recreational areas and public spaces.
  • Stopping construction of new hydroelectric power plants and instead, repairing the old ones. Intimidation of local inhabitants must be stopped.

Our future is unclear without that. Climate change is happening here and now. Climate change and the destroyed environment is our reality and part of our life! Nonetheless, it must be stopped - We, the young people, are coming together and standing in solidarity with the Global Climate Movement.

We are striking, #გაიფიცეგარემოსთვის

© Georgian Young Greens, Vin’Me


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