Many Struggles, One Offender

published: 26 August 2017

On 24th of August police raided a protest action of railway employees in Tbilisi and detained up to 10 activists. At the same time the police stayed idle encountering the hate motivated crime towards LGBT activists in Batumi. The beaten activists were detained and humiliated by the police officers. In order to conceal the homophobia and crime committed by them, the policemen accused activists for disobedience.   

These two cases took place in different cities, and their reasons might seem to be different at the first glance. However, both are parts of systemic oppressive politics we have been facing for many years now.

The state has killed Demur Sturua!

The state has killed many women by their ineffectiveness and indifference!

The state has killed transgender women by restricting them a space for development and safe environment.

The state has killed the workers on mines and constructions!

The state kills everyone who does not obey or may not obey!

While people demand the minimum - proper working conditions; and they don’t need to pretend that they are human rights defenders with international organizations.

Punishing only police officers is not enough for railway workers on hunger strike, who have been dragged to the police department with unprecedented brutality.

Exposing certain police officers’ homophobia is not enough to eliminate the endless hate speech by the state and politicians!

That is why we demand from the government:

  1. To Investigate the case of LGBT activists and take appropriate measures against the police;
  2. Prime Minister to express the state's position on the ill-treatment of citizens and manifestations of the police regime!

We are calling for the citizens:

We fight every day for our survival. The state’s economic policy operates only in favour of the elites. The struggle of the railway workers, employees of supermarkets, LGBT activists, drug policy fighters are our main struggle, against one common enemy -  government’s ineffectiveness, oppressive politics and  social and economic inequality! The bloody '9 years' have not started with ‘Mishism’ and won’t end with this government! Violence is deep-rooted, legitimate, perceived as a  tradition, invented for our obedience.


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